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SoundCloud vs Spotify: Which Is the Better Platform for Artists?

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Choosing between Spotify and SoundCloud for artists and beat producers can take time and effort. On the one hand, Spotify offers significant label support, with millions of active users, plus the ability to get paid for streams. On the other hand, SoundCloud gives independent musicians more freedom to customize their sound and create more niche […]

Building a career for music: 11 ways to earn from Selling Beats Online

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Selling beats online can be a challenge. You may find that buyers are not interested in purchasing your music, or the process could be easier to navigate. There’s no guarantee that you’ll get paid for your work. To make matters worse, the market is saturated with hundreds of other beatmakers, giving potential customers many choices. […]

How to Promote Your Music as a Spotify Artist

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Being a Spotify artist can be difficult in terms of making yourself popular as a musician. With millions of people streaming music daily, the competition for visibility is fierce. Even with a supportive fanbase, getting playlisted and acquiring streams is challenging. It also requires more work to determine which strategies are most effective in achieving […]

11 budget-friendly equipment you should have for your Home Studio Setup

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A lot has changed in music production since we first started making albums and songs back in our day, but one thing that hasn’t really evolved too much is how consumers find their way into this industry – which means there’s still room for improvement! However daunting “starting” might seem though…it isn’t impossible if YOU […]

14 Best Recording Studios in Los Angeles to look out for 2023

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Los Angeles is known for being the home of the entertainment industry and it’s no surprise that music has become a central element in LA culture. This city has produced some of the most iconic music in history, from classic rock to modern hip-hop. From The Beach Boys and Eagles to Tupac and Snoop Dogg, […]

16 of Atlanta’s hottest recording studios that will takeover in 2023

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If you’re an up-and-coming artist in Atlanta, just being in a city with so much music in your mind puts you one step closer to success. New musicians frequently have difficulty obtaining the advice they require for their careers and creating their own song. However, you will have no trouble discovering creative minds, locations, or […]